I tend to use music as my inspiration to do all sorts of things. Here's a compilation about the things I've made that count as fanart. Some of it I offer for download (under creative commons licence), some of it is just unique, but could be giving some people inspiration. Enjoy!

Eisbrecher Stage

For all those, who just can't live without constant live act from the boys of the band Eisbrecher... When you install a small loudspeaker under the stage playing Ice Music nonstop, the feeling of reality is impeccable. (2009)

Eisbrecher Stage (.pdf, 5.9MB)

Alex Wesselsky Paper Doll

Who wouldn't want her/his own Alex watching from the wall (or where ever one wants to keep it)? With this paper doll you can create your own stories in different environments. If you still think that paper dolls are for wussies, check the book for some inspiration. (2010)

Alex Wesselsky Paper Doll (.pdf, 3.8MB)

Some adventures of Alex the Paper Doll (.pdf, 2.3MB)
Die Abenteuer von Alex der Papierpuppe (.pdf, 2.3.MB)

Noel Pix Paper Doll

Eisbrecher is nothing without Noel Pix, the mastermind behind the production, composing, etc., you just name it! The talent earns his share, so have a go with this fanart paper doll. It goes well together with Alexx Paper Doll since the two just cannot be separated. Let the adventures begin! (2010)

Noel Pix Paper Doll (.pdf, 3.8MB)

Eisbrecher Board Game

Nothing to do for those long evenings when the kids are running wild around and it's raining outside? Gather your bunch together, place Eisbrecher CD to the player and have a merciless fight against your kin with this board game! Who will be the ruler of the stage, who will lose everything in the verge of winning? This boardgame was originally made in 2010, but it's been updated to the 2015 line-up of the band.

Eisbrecher Board Game (.pdf, 10.2MB) - English version
Eisbrecher Brettspiel (.pdf, 10.2MB) - Deutsche Fassung

Eisbrecher Font

Looking for an Eisbrecher style font for those neat banners you want to use as signatures on the different forums? Here's a treat for you. The font includes German letters and some other goodies, just the things you need to spice up your fanart a bit! (2011)

Eisbrecher True Type font (.ttf)

Eisbrecher embroidery

Decorating your own shirts can be quite a lot of fun! The only things you need is a piece of cloth, some thread, a needle and a pen. First you draw your design on the cloth, then you just cover it totally with tiny little stitches that in time will make you frustrated and mad and your fingers sore. But the results can really be worth it all. To finish the craft, spread some thick glue in the backside to keep the cloth from unraveling and tidy the edges with some more stitches. (2010)

Here's also some other random stuff about Eisbrecher I have made.

Rammstein pillows

Sure eye-catcher in any room, just that these happen to be one of a kind... I used six different shades with the embroidery threads and LOTS of patience and time. But they turned out pretty well, after all. (2003-2010)

Rammstein art from over the years

Since I've been a fan for such a long time and since I like to do things with my hands, I've drawn, painted, crafted and designed quite many fanart thingies. Here are just a few about Rammstein for inspiration.