In the 14th century there was a famous bishop named Hemming in the cathedral I'm working in. I did this short animation about him for the medieval market event in June 2018. (The video is available only in Finnish.)

September 2016 I took some timelapses from our amateur astronomy association's countryside observatory. Autumn in Finland is always fun for astronomy lovers, since the nights start to get dark again. Some of the feeling is (hopefully) visible in this short vid.

Browsing through Nasa's sites I found a 3D Blender model of Voyager space probe. Now, Voyager 2 has been my favourite probe (if you can have one) since ever, so I just had to play a bit with the model and make this short animation which doesn't try to be scientific in any way.

For my Master's thesis I made an animation about the depression I suffered when I was around 20. It was a big project for the 18 weeks we were given, but I did finish it in time, even with the huge number of rotoscoped frames I drew for the animation. I got my Master's degree with the highest possible grade.

Here is a documentation of an interactive animation about Finnish folklore and some of its creatures I did for a project in the university. Since the animation is interactive and needs Arduino and Processing I can't post it here as it is, but this film includes the animation as well as explanation about how I did it.

I love challenging jigsaw puzzles. While building one, I thought it'd be nice to make a short stop-motion about it. (Btw, too many people have asked me how am I able to do 4000 piece puzzle so fast as seen in this film. Never underestimate the power of moving image!)

This is the video documentation of the project I did for a university course during the winter semester 2014/15. For the project, I made a wall rug (traditional Finnish ryijy), which shows the current auroral activity when connected to the internet. I didn't really know how to document it, so I ended up with a tv shop commercial.

For my master studies in the Bauhaus-Uni I took part in a documentary animation course. I created this animation about how the NASA's space shuttle programme had effect on my childhood and youth. After all, I kind of grew up with it.

This stop motion animation I made during my study exchange in the Bauhaus University. It is a story about a woman, who buys a wooden doll for sketching, but the doll seems to be having his own agenda.

I made the story, took the pictures and edited the stop motion. My group mates made the sound effects afterwards.

Creativity is about telling stories and some of the best stories come from suffering and overcoming it. Here is a short photo video I did for a competition. I hope it can give some inspiration and hope for the people who are struggling.

This video I edited from the amazing timelapse photography by New Zealander Fraser Gunn ( I used to live in Lake Tekapo for some time and it truly is as dreamlike as seen here. The observatory is Mt John Observatory and the people are taking part in one of the Earth and Sky's stargazing tours. The increased solar activity is resulting in the southern lights, frequently visible in the video.