About me

I love astronomy. I’ve been amateur astronomer since I was a kid, and nowadays it more like a lifestyle than a hobby. In my 20s, I moved to New Zealand for a couple of years to see the southern night sky. I’ve done stargazing shows in my local astronomy society since the mid-1990s. I’ve even been awarded the Finnish amateur astronomy award Stella Arcti for ”the significant promotion of amateur astronomy both locally and nationally, as well as commendable work for popularising astronomy”.

For me, standing under the starry sky with my telescope I feel like being one with the universe. I enjoy greatly, when I learn new things about astronomy, physics or natural sciences in general – even if I cannot read mathematics. (I actually have difficulties calculating per cents. I was never a mathematical person.) Looking at stars, observing, reading, exploring, but also explaining, telling stories and inspiring people are all a big part of my astronomy hobby.

Ice-fishing overall & 9,25″ telescope = Instant superhero